The One Minute Case For Open Immigration

Restricting immigration violates individual rights

The founding principle of the United States is that “all men” are endowed with “certain unalienable Rights“. These rights are inherent to our nature as human beings, not privileges granted by the government. It is unjust to protect the rights of some but violate the rights of others because of their place of birth.

Immigration is non-coercive; restricting immigration is

A foreigner does not steal from anyone when he pays to buy a house or a car – he benefits both parties. But the government engages in coercion when it forbids a citizen from selling to, hiring, or doing business with a foreigner. There is no right to be protected from being outbid for one’s goods or labor just because one’s competitor is a foreigner. As long as immigrants are peaceful, the government has no right to treat them like criminals by preventing them from engaging in the same voluntary transactions as any other American.

Immigrants make us richer

Every self-supporting worker produces more than he consumes, adding to total output and raising the real wage rate for everyone. The notion that immigrants cause unemployment is based on the fallacious idea that the total output of a country is fixed, and can only be divided among its residents. But historically, the American standard of living rose fastest during peak immigration periods and continues to rise today. Our greatest source of wealth is not natural resources or the capital base, but the ingenuity and creativity of our entrepreneurs and workers. Each new American creates not only new demand, but also provides the supply and insight to meet that demand.

Immigrants are not at fault for welfare abuse

Immigrants are often blamed for living on the public dole. But being born in a particular country does not give anyone a right to the property of others. American welfare bums don’t have any more right to other’s wealth than Mexican bums. It’s the welfare state that’s immoral, not immigration. This argument is also contradicted by legislative efforts to punish the employers of illegal immigrants, and the fact that illegal immigrants and permanent residents are generally not eligible for welfare.

Immigrants epitomize the American Dream

Whether they come here to escape political oppression or simply the pervasive poverty of socialist states, immigrants who come here seeking a free, productive life embody the American spirit. They have shown by their actions that they are far better Americans than most people born in the U.S. While most Americans don’t even bother to vote, they abandon their former life and culture and risk everything to embrace the American dream. Upon coming to America, they are usually more successful than their native born-counterparts.

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“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

-“The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus


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30 Responses to The One Minute Case For Open Immigration

  1. Anon

    I like what you’re doing here.

  2. Nofearnolimits

    This is wonderful. Very useful, and concise.

  3. Joe

    Articles like this are retarding the whole argument of illegal immigration. People look at this drivel and think there’s substance here.
    The last time I checked, the United States Constitution covered Americans – the Mexicans have their own Constitution to follow (yes I do realize not all illegal immigrants are Mexicans).
    Of course immigration restrictions are coercive – that’s called a deterrent! Apparently, they are no longer enough of a deterrent. And Americans are due protection of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness (some might equate these as careers or jobs) – from the same Constitution.
    “American welfare bums don’t have any more right to other’s wealth than Mexican bums”? As much as I hate welfare bums (as a rule), I think they do have more claim to benefits – they’re citizens – the Mexicans aren’t. Why shouldn’t employers of illegal immigrants be punished – they’re breaking the law, and they’re American companies, and therefore subject to American laws.
    And, finally, to say “[immigrants] are far better Americans than most people born in the U.S.”, is both utimately subjective, and a slap in the face to Americans everywhere.

  4. Daniel

    “As much as I hate welfare bums (as a rule), I think they do have more claim to benefits – they’re citizens – the Mexicans aren’t.”

    Someone’s geographical location has absolutely nothing to do with how someone ‘deserves’ a part of my income. Try again.

  5. Vineet

    Well, Joe, the whole point of the case is so that most of the immigrants will be LEGAL.

    The only ones who should be denied entry are the ones with past criminal records or carrying a contagious disease. If these illegal immigrants are hired, than i agree that those companies should suffer consequences for breaking the law.

  6. Marc

    As an American, born and raised in America, who got married abroad and then legally brought back his wife, this topic riles me. The paperwork, time, and aggravation to do something LEGALLY is tremendous. Then having the American embassy not let my wife’s sister get a visa to VISIT AMERICA for two weeks. Is this fair? Our system is idiotic.

  7. tony

    Stupid people will believe anything couched in politicalease. With a few big words and profound phrases. What stupid peopel can’t do is think…and answer question like: Do you want America to become Mexico? with the sub culture that it exports; with illegals intent on NOT learning english; Do you really think that the mexican culture has produced anything except ancient indians that worshipped caves, temples, the sun and beheaded people. Do you really think that mexican culture has produced anything but salsa and feistas and marichi music. Do you really think the mexicans could build an America…hell no. Do you think they could maintain and America..hell no…look what they are leaving.

    Do people who don’t think really feel that their “leaders” in washington have their best interests at heart? Probably SO unfortunately for the USA. 😥

  8. HeroicLife

    What’s wrong with Mariachi music? Anyway, I’d choose the values of a fruit-picker over our current batch of politicians and intellectuals any day. It’s the American intellectuals who are telling immigrants that American culture is evil and pushing multiculturalism.

  9. Dennis Wilson

    Another point that gets overlooked regularly–especially by “Constitutionalists”–is:
    “Immigration control is UN-Constitutional!”

  10. Don Scoby

    We have had two Police officers shot in Phoenix in the past three weeks (one killed) by illegal aliens, the prison population (illegal alien) is now at 30%. I am a Minuteman and proud of it. We have been tarred as racist. However, it is not about race, if someone comes to my house I expect that they knock and then it is my choice to let him in, same with immigration. MSM does not mention the 310 lives saved by the Minuteman search and rescue teams in the last 2 1/2 years, not bad for a bunch of racists!!!

  11. HeroicLife

    “However, it is not about race, if someone comes to my house I expect that they knock and then it is my choice to let him in, same with immigration.”

    This is not a valid analogy. You can stop people from entering your house, but you don’t have a right to stop people from entering mine if I invite a foreigner to my home or business. Right are not subject to majority rule.

    While many anti-immigrants are motivated by thinly-veiled racism, the anti-immigration movement is not entirely racist – it’s also motivated by lazy American workers who would rather keep competitors away with guns than complete with immigrants in a free market.

  12. HeroicLife

    “the prison population (illegal alien) is now at 30%.”

    How much of that stems from making the peaceful movement of people between countries illegal? Also, I’m guessing that many of those “criminals” were engaged in the peaceful import of various substances that politicians have deemed immoral for the masses.

  13. HeroicLife

    “MSM does not mention the 310 lives saved by the Minuteman search and rescue teams”

    If the government didn’t restrict immigration, we wouldn’t have thousands of people dying in the attempt to live in a free country.

  14. DenyZ

    Immigration is a complicated issue. Immigration to a wilderness area is usually motivated by the aquisition of commodities in short supply for example land, minerals, etc. Pioneers were usually self sufficient individuals willing to face rigorous hardships. Immigration to a populated area is totally different proposition. These individuals in my opinion, are escaping hardship for the most part. The one factor that must exist for succesful immigration is room for expansion. Room for expansion no longer exists in my opinion for the obvious reasons of over population and all the associated problems. Today a better life, higher standard of living, civil rights and all the relevent freedoms must be established globally. There is no easy way.

  15. anonymous

    Farm workers are America,they have made this country what it is…Cheap labor.Other races that have become legals or are illegals use the system,do not want to work hard.Minutemen are so uneducated&evil.Where did they come from,criminals from Germany?We get all criminals from other countries(ex.Russia)but because their skin blends some times,are they persecuted?Minutemen go out & find all other illegals from other countries with white skin,believe me lots of them out there using the system(our tax dollars)…Anonymous

  16. Rob

    What a bunch of BALONEY ! My property taxes are going up 26.5% in 2008. My health insurance 15%. My car insurance 12% (no accidents or tickets). The State is going to be 660 million in the hole this year. Why do you think all this is happening? Can we keep this up?

  17. Rebecca

    I was reading some of the comments. As for the 30% of illegal immigrants commiting you have stats for that? Where can I find it? I’m doing a paper on immigration policy and could use that info for my presentation. My e-mail address is . Appreciate your assistance.

  18. RAH

    “Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
    With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

    No where does it say:”Under the cover of night using fraudulent documents”.

    If the Lib’s get their way, we will all be speaking Spanish soon.

    How can you behave like a Mexican and expect to live to the standards of an American? It is impossible, you are what you think you are and you live your life accordingly.

    Ever driven in one of “those” neighbourhoods? What country do they remind you of? NOT the U.S.A that is for sure.

    WE ARE AT WAR WITH MEXICO AS WE SPEAK whether you care to believe it or not…..”Border War”…..”Drug War”…..against whom I ask?….Mexico and her people, that is who.


    Radical islam has nothing on the illegal aliens as far as destroying our country MEXICO IS OUR GREATEST ENEMY and must be dealt with immediatly in the harshest of manners.

  19. Susee

    Joe has it right for the most part. But the problem is hardly restricted to Mexicans. East Indians and people from the mid-east are coming over on Student visas and then never leaving, then they bring their 42 relatives and 100’s of thousands of them live here. They do NOT embrace America, they just embrace the free ride they get here. They do not try become Americanized, they not only don’t learn our language, they don’t wear our clothes, they want books, and movies, and schools all in their own language. They basically want to build another India and considering the pigsty they made out of their own country, I certainly don’t want them here trashing ours too!!

  20. Choogie

    The highest source of foreign revenue going into Mexico is what illegals living in the USA send “home” to Mexico. Hence, they don’t contribute to community enhancement by putting money back in the communities where they live.
    They are responsible for hospitals closing in the Southwest, welfare drain and anchor babies getting benefits that should be reserved for American citizens.
    We should take a tip from Canada who revoked automatic citizenship for anchor babies in the 70’s.

  21. Doc

    I wish I could attribute this quote to the right person, because it really holds true…”Good fences make good neighbors”. It’s simple, sign the freakin’ guest book, have a VALUABLE and NECESSARY skill, LEARN the language (I speak 4 languages because when I visit other places I have the courtesy to not expect those who live in there home country to speak English so how about you show me the same respect).

  22. milliemae

    Hey, I love my border brothers and sisters, I believe they have a right to come and live here if they choose, but my grandmother waited her turn and became a citizen the right way. I love my country and it tees me off when it’s laws are violated. come on now, if you want to be in this country, come in through our front door, not the back “servants entrance” Let’s lay the blame where it should be laid, at the feet of athe Mexican government, every one except Vicente Fox (who didn’t do that much for the country either) came into office poor and left rich after raiding and raping the wealth of Mexico. Then they criticize our govenment and our laws on immigration. Try to break their immigration law in Mexico and they’s throw your behind in jail so let’s stick together and do it right.

  23. milliemae

    I forgot to add that grandma also learned English, maybe broken english but she tried hard. Most people just want to be able to live and have enough to feed their families, and if they are sincere they’ll strive to do that, and not send the money to Mexico.
    Too many liberal bleeding hearts in this country that fail to see what they are doing to further the amnesty is just wrong for the Mexican people and other illegals and for us. But cut out the hate talk, it doesn’t accomplish anything.

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  25. Chenny

    This article is so untrue. Who ever made these studies hasn’t been around much.If you’ve been a victim or know victims of crimes commited by these people you’d keep your opinion to yourself. These illegals are as helpful to our country as fungus is for our feet. Only thing is that we buy our remedies and they use resources meant for taxpaying Americans.

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  27. no bull

    It is a shame that we can not open our minds and learn from the past and different cultures when it comes to Americans. “My’s goverments tells me these aliens is bad so’s we must kicks n keep them out.”. We must pick up arms, build fences and sink ships to accomplish this task “STAY THE COURSE, AMERICA WILL BE free!”. No one shall enter our doors until our righteous goverment says they can. Just for sustainability in those countries we’ll start a little virus, we are Americans our viruses never get out of control, look at how well we’ve handled AIDS. What that doesn’t kill off we can help support their goverment to enslave the remainder of people to rape their lands of whatever little goods they have to offer (not paying to much) in the way of imports. When we finally gotten the last of their goods we can throw out a little tainted beans and rice like we care and no one, I mean no one will ever suspect. A little ethnic cleansing, damn near worked for the Native Indains if they weren’t so resourceful. They will be gone soon and we have a newly built vacation spot for us HARDly working citizens. In the meantime the same puppet masters that made profit there make it here reselling and exporting.

    “Anchor babies” if you can not trace your family tree (it sounds as if for some of you, the tree does not fork), to before the signing of the Constitution, you are an “Anchor cryBaby”. Not all children of immigrants, legal or not, and immigrants send their money back to their country. 95percent of the children grow up educated and resourceful giving back more than they’ve taken to their communities. I have never heard a teller/cashier ask anyone “Legal or not” when it came time to pay the bill and collect TAXES.

    Hospital closing where due to fraud committed by doctors and goverment employees along side crooked politics, but much easier to blame on the real criminals, job takers, no illegals, sorry! The goverment always goes to the lowest bidder to build it’s WMD, why can’t a business owner due the same for its needs. The question is would you except $7.50 an hour for your time? To say that illegals do not pay income tax and there for not profitable to you, is wrong. Income taxes do not profit you anyways, but are to pay back the interest bill the Federal Reserve charges us for printing us our own money. The Federal Reserve has nothing to do with the Federal goverment, but are a few lucky men who conned the goverment into believing we needed them to save and print our own money.

    Not only Americans have a DREAM.

    Immigration should be controlled, not all blame should be put on immigrants!!

  28. Flashing Beacon 

    south park is quite violent sometimes but still it is a great cartoon’;.

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  30. Andrew

    I’ve lived legally in Japan for over 13 years now, teaching English and paying taxes. Japan has racism and nativism just as the USA does. Both make my blood boil regardless of where they are. Both are symptoms of ignorance and of lazy thinking, or -usually- of no thinking at all. Whiners, who do you think picks the majority of the vegetables you eat (or, in many cases, don’t eat enough of)? Foreigners, family and friends left behind, bent over in the hot sun, working harder day after day than you ever imagined. They pay taxes when they buy stuff and the government doesn’t give them health care.

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