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The One Minute Case is a new collaborative blog which will present a brief argument about a controversial issue that can be read in under a minute. The goal is to publish one case per day. You can read the cases to learn something new about an issue or use them as a source for longer arguments of your own.

Why so short?

Some issues can be summarized in 60 seconds, while in other cases, we’ll try to make you aware of a new perspective. The goal is to encourage critical thinking and discussion rather than present an open and shut case. If you disagree, or think something is missing, comment away!

Can I contribute?

Sure. Just register and a submit a case (such as one of the proposed topics) as a comment or email. If we like your style, you’ll be given publishing privileges.

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  1. Suzanne Carlson

    How ’bout a one-minute case for the “War” on drugs? I think that If drugs (i.e., marajuana) were legalized and regulated along with alcohol, tobacco and firearms, it would:

    Save billions of taxpayer dollars on the “war on drugs” that isn’t doing anything but creating more beuracy and wasted money

    Not only save billions, but help us pay down the national debt

    Put drug dealers and the mob out of business

    Cool web site. I’m glad I ran across it.
    Peace out.

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